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If you have a business in Banstead, SM7 or nearby, then you will want to consider accountants in Banstead on your shortlist of proactive accountants to work with. We offer fixed fees, a fast responsive service, and all the services you expect and more…


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Accounts, Tax Returns, Tax Reduction Planning, and advice from a trusted source.
Hands Free Hassle Free Bookkeeping System, leaving you free to run your business or your Hobbies!
VAT Returns, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Training and HMRC Defence.
Reminders, Support, Help and Advice so you never miss a deadline.

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Getting the most from Your Accountants in Banstead.

We can tell you that we care about your business and your success.
But we would prefer to show you.
By demonstrating our interest in all aspects of your business, you will begin to understand how much we really look after our clients. We do this through the TRUST process.
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What some clients say …

You made me feel very comfortable with your approach and knowledge of my circumstances. You were well briefed about my multiple sources of income and your advice was integrated across the board.
R Craigie, Business & Property Owner
They have managed my accounts for approximately 18 years. Faultless to date. Love dealing with the staff. Customer experience is a model for any business. … I would definitely recommend them to friends and colleagues!
J Doyle, Business Owner | Investor


Get advice from the expert…

…On how to improve your Business today!

You may want a 2nd opinion on how to grow your business. That is completely natural.
Start with a Free Profit Multiplier Strategy Session. You will love it, or we give £50 to your favourite UK Charity

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The Hands Free Hassle Free Bookkeeping System
Many of our clients did not enjoy bookkeeping. They thought it took too much of their valuable time away from more important tasks they could get more income from.
Makes sense doesn’t it? Why would you spend valuable time on a task that somebody else could do better and quicker and cheaper?
Our tailored system, designed with modern technology now easily available, means that you hardly have to touch a piece of paper, let alone tied loads of numbers in.
Find out more here.…

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FREE Training – Business Plan on a Page

More Time, Better Team, More Money – Starts Here
One of the easiest ways to accelerate your profits is to plan and focus.
Our Business Plan on Page achieves just that.
Not only can it be completed within 30 minutes every quarter, but it ensures that you have regular small wins, which takes your business forward.
It makes your business: –
– easier to run
– more profitable
– more enjoyable
Part of our Profit Multiplier Program, you can try it out free today.

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What our clients say

“After looking for an accountant online I cam across GK and called them up. They responded quickly giving me good over the phone information so I decided to take them on as my accountant and have been satisfied ever since. “

Alexandra Phillips,
Director /Speechwright Ltd

“This meeting was brilliant. It has brought the focus I have lacked, back to my business. I have learned more in this meeting than the last 10 months of this year. Through the SWOT analysis, we have identified significant issues that will have a dramatic effect on our success. Thank you.”

Grant Boston
Founder / Boston Studio Ltd

“I can say honestly that Gordon has revolutionized my way of thinking about business, and what it really takes to get results. Specifically… I have started my own business which has grown from zero to 40+ people and turnover of 2 million GBP in under 18 months.”

R Parkinson
CEO / Recruiter

Meetings Online to Save You
Time and Money…

We have developed a system to hold meetings online. All you need is an internet connection and a PC or laptop!
Clients love it as it saves then travel time and cost, better spent on their business.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions…
If you have others, please ask!

Do you offer fixed fees spread over the year?

Yes, we do offer fixed fees agreed before we start, these are spread over the year of your accounts. Clients love this facility, which means your investment is paid as your services are delivered every month.

How much will my investment be to have your support?

Your investment in our services will be based on the service you choose, the complexity of your business, and the size of your business. You probably appreciate that the bigger your businesses and the more complex it is, the more skill is required to make sure we get it right for you. Also if you choose the Profit Multiplier Program, you can expect a significant return on your investment.

Does your Profit Multiplier Program come with a guarantee?

Yes, the Profit Multiplier Program comes with two guarantees. First, is your 30 day happiness guarantee. If within 30 days, you are not completely happy, simply ask for your money back in full. And you get to keep all the materials. Second, is the one year return on investment guarantee. If we both do what we agree, you will get a minimum three times return on your investment, or you get refunded the difference. Two solid guarantees for your peace of mind.

I am only a small business - with a tight budget - can you help?

We have many small business clients, and even start-ups. Every business has to start somewhere. Most large businesses start off a small businesses, and we recognise this. Our small business team will look after you really well. All the advantages of an a class team, with a small business budget. And when you want more, we just switch you over. Sorted.

Why do I need a Qualified Chartered Accountant?

You don’t! The benefit of having a qualified chartered accountant is to give you the peace of mind that you have the full support of someone who has done, and continues to do the training required to support you and your business fully. We are also required to meet other standards, like having professional indemnity insurance to protect you. The difference in cost can be small, but the peace of mind benefit can be huge. Why take the risk?

What is the benefit of working with you, rather than a cheaper accountant?

You have probably heard of the adage “you get what you pay for”. This is especially true for accountants. You see, most business owners don’t understand how to choose an accountant, because they are not accountants. They do, however, understand that you cannot get a lot of attention for a small fee. The smaller the fee, the more corners have to be cut… It’s only logical. We refuse to give a poorer service for a lower cost. We would rather give a quality service, on a more restrictive basis to meet client budgets.